Chameleons on Plastic

Do you ever wonder what else you can color on with your Chameleon pens? Well you may be surprised to learn they work brilliantly on plastic, we tasked our designer Olesya to create a card using her Chameleon pens and plastic.

By Olesya Kharkova

Olesya said when thinking what to do with this challenge she was inspired by the look of stained-glass windows. She has created a great modern stained glass effect with this project and only 3 Chameleon pens!

If you would like to recreate this Coloring on plastic card you can download the instructions here.


It’s Your Day To Sparkle

At Chameleon we love to make people feel special and what better way than to send a card letting them know it is their day to sparkle!

By Olesya Kharkova

We asked what inspired Olesya to create this card, she said ” I love drawing. And my passion is flowers. So I decided to make a card for someone special and drew all the flowers by hand. My Chameleon pens helped me to bring them to life :)”

If you would like to re-create Olesya’s Your Day to Sparkle card you can download the instructions here.


Chameleon Flower Earrings

Did you know Chameleon pens work on surfaces other than paper?  Tanya shows us how to create Flower earrings using Chameleon pens and Shrink Plastic.

By Tanya Batrak

Tanya said”I like to challenge myself by creating the unusual projects. And the ability of Chameleon pens to color the different surfaces is of great help to me.”

These earrings create a great fashion statement, if you would like to make a pair to wear you can download the Chameleon Flower Earings instructions here.


Winner Wednesday

Welcome to this month’s Winner Wednesday post, you may just be getting a little excited to see who won our April Blog hop prize with Altenew, right?

Well the wait is over…a big drum roll, fanfare and maybe even one of those really long pauses they do on TV…The winner is……

Renate Harrison


Renate said “I will have to try these, stunning cards, colors pop!

Renate can you you please email me at to claim your prize, please include your full address, email and telephone number along with your color choice for your 5 pen set.

Congratulations Renate, if you were not lucky enough to be picked this time please don’t feel too downhearted, check out our blog and Facebook page, we often have competitions with chances to win fabulous products.

Also if you are a budding Chameleonite artist and want to share your projects check out and upload your creations of our new Chameleon Creative Community (click the link below to join in all the fun).





Shrink Plastic Bookmarks

Did you know you can color shrink plastic with Chameleon Color Tone pens?  Tanya has used her Chameleon pens with Shrink plastic to create this super cool bookmark.

By Tanya Batrak

Tanya said “It’s amazing that with the help of  Chameleon pens you can color almost everything!  So many possibilities for creativity! My daughter learnt to read when she was five. Now she’s almost eight and she started to read quite big books. So I decided to make a special bookmark for her. It says “Shhh, I’m reading!” and there is also her name “Lera” on a book cover.”

It is such a neat idea to create a personalised bookmark which will make a great gift, if you would like to make one you can download the bookmark instructions  here.


Flower Girl

As a child every little girl’s dream is to be a flower girl, we can’t grant that wish but we can show you how to make your own flower girl card!

By Olesya Kharkova

Olesya said “I’m in love with coloring flowers. They can be any color you want, any shape, any fragrance but they are always a huge inspiration to me. We have a small columbine flower bed at our summer cottage and I always wait for them to bloom and watch their whimsical shape and color. ”

You can follow along with Olesya to create this Flower Girl Card by downloading the instructions here.

Over the Moon

We are over the moon with this background creation to showcase our Chameleon Cat!

by Olesya Kharkova

We asked Olesya what inspired her to create this magical sky, she said”I love photos of the sky in any season. They are my main inspiration for such type of cards.”

If you would like to see how to create the perfect backgrounds for your Chameleon colored images you can download the over the moon instructions here.

A Unicorn’s World

We all love a bit of magic and what could be more magical than a unicorn!  Sandra has created this colourful fantasy Unicorn’s World Card using Chameleon Color Tone Pens, Pencils & Color Tops.

By Sandra Kustić Uzur

Sandra said “I will always believe in Fairytales and every creature in them. And Who doesn’t love Unicorns, right? They are magic and colorful and sparkly … I know a few people that are into magic, color and Fairytales so this is the perfect card for them. It’s always spring in the land of Magic and Unicorns.”

You too can recreate this card, just download the Unicorn’s World instructions here.

My Friend Card

Today we would like to welcome back as a guest Annette, one of our previous designers, her clean and bright designs are so lovely to see and with just a few Chameleon Color Tone pens she can create a masterpiece!

By Annette Allen

We asked Annette to create a card just using the Floral Tones 5 pack and this is the result.

If you would like to see how Annette created this My Friend Card you can download her step out instructions here.

Spotlighting Technique

Today courtesy of Leah we bring you the spotlighting technique, a way of highlighting an area of an image by coloring only that section.

By Leah Cornelius

Leah said ” I love flowers and especially having a fresh bouquet of them in my home. This stamp was perfect to highlight some of the gorgeous blooms using the Chameleon pens beautiful colors.”

If you would like to see how to create your own Spotlighting Card you can download the instructions here.