Chameleon Pens: Learn it. Love it!

The Chameleon Pens system is a very powerful art tool. It allows you to do one thing no other alcohol marker can: you can actually change the color of your ink, so each pen can give you multiple color tones.

Just think about it! That is some amazing stuff! To make your art look realistic with depth and dimension you need to have different color tones (lights, darks, shades). If you want to create depth and dimension on a purple bow using traditional alcohol pens, you need three flat colors to layer and blend.

LitLit copy

With Chameleon Pens you can do that bow with ONE pen, and you don’t have to worry about things like: “Do these 3 purples blend and are they in the same color family?” You have that palette in that one purple pen, and all you have to do is fuse and color. Let the pen do the blending for you!

There is a small learning curve, as this is different than the multiple pen blend systems that you may have used before. It is much like any NEW art product – it may not be perfect on your first try, but with a little practice you will create great art! To help that learning process, we plan to add new video tutorials to our site every week.


In other news, we have a special for you if you sign up for our monthly newsletter “The Changing Times”. Every month, we will offer our subscribers a free digital download by one of our featured artists, with an in-depth tutorial on how to color it!

This month’s feature is “Violet The Bear” by illustrator Dave Antram. This is a great tutorial on how to create the textured fur effect, and when you learn it, you will love it!

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