To Fuse Or How Long To Fuse That Is The Question?

Have you ever been asked something and then thought well how can I answer, it depends on …… and that famous saying comes to mind “how long is a piece of string”!

Well it is exactly the same for how long do you leave the mixing chamber on the nib of the pen, it depends on how long a blend you want and the size of the area you would like to colour. But hey we can’t just leave you hanging without an answer so we suggest you see our handy guide and print a blank one and try it for yourself.


As you can see at the bottom of each coloured/blended line is a little clock that indicates how many seconds the  mixing chamber was left on the nib to get the graduated colour before returning to the rich tones.

You can print out your own blank chart to colour by clicking the link below

Blank Fuse Time Chart Click Here To Download

As a general guide we find that if you are colouring small areas, such as flowers about an 1″  square in size then 5-10 seconds is enough,  for larger areas around 2″ square allow 15-20 seconds and for bigger areas allow 35-40 seconds.  If you want to colour a really big area we suggest that you work in sections and then blend sections together by re-fusing the pen with the blending solution and then join the sections together by using a circular motion with the nib.  We plan to cover working in larger areas in a future post.


2 Comments on “To Fuse Or How Long To Fuse That Is The Question?”

  1. Lois Ritter

    Just received my first 2 sets – have played with them a little bit but I can see it’s going to take a lot of concentration on my part to get them to work. They will go with me to my card making get together on Wed. evening and I know everyone will want to try them. I’m hoping for only good things as I think the pens will be a “boon” to my blending problems!!

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