Having A Bad Hair Day?

Hair can be difficult in real life and equally difficult on paper, but the wonderful Kristy from Some Odd Girl has created a simple easy to follow tutorial to show you how to turn dull flat hair into something coiffed and wonderful.

Kristy makes it so simple, work out the dark areas and add rich colour using a flicking motion, then add blending solution for 5-10 seconds and work the light areas to darker shades, it is that simple!

Can you believe that she was able to achieve the whole hair effect with just the one Bark pen!

If you would like to have a go at colouring in “Coy Kaylee” yourself it is available as a digital download from some odd girl http://www.someoddgirl.com/index.php/digitalstamps/co

3 Comments on “Having A Bad Hair Day?”

  1. Viki B

    This looks great! I can not wait to get my hands on a set of these markers. I just don’t have enough colors of other markers to make good blends so I think these will be great.

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