Do I Need Special Paper?

Over the coming months we want to answer your most burning questions on the blog and one that seems to come up quite often at the moment is what paper/card should I use?


As you can imagine there are a lot of different types of card and paper available on the market and we haven’t tried them all yet, but as a rule for super smooth seamless blends, we recommend you use a card or paper product designed for alcohol markers such as Bee Paper, Neenah or similar. What ever your choice we suggest you download and color in the free color chart, that way you will always have an accurate color guide close at hand. Click the link below to download.

Here is one already colored in as an example



But wait there is more, did you know that you can also practice on photocopier paper! Just make sure you put something underneath incase it bleeds through…I am sure you don’t want a Chameleon colored table. How is this possible you ask? Because with Chameleon pens you do not have to keep going over the same area to get the seamless blend, so your paper doesn’t get saturated with ink.

So don’t forget if you have any questions that you would like us to answer here on the blog let us know here!contact/ciig.


4 Comments on “Do I Need Special Paper?”

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Dye inks work best, I would recommend either Memento Dye ink or Hero arts Dye ink. Do not use any alcohol based inks such as Staz on as they will smudge. Hope this helps

  1. Thelma Mills

    I love my pens and am gradually getting used to them when colouring in small projects ie your samples. My problem is filling in large areas for example I like to draw optical illusions ie different sized shapes that all intermingle and disappear off the paper which need light shading along the whole length of a conicle shape to create the illusion of rounded pipes etc. I know where my light source should be and where the dark edges need to be and I work across the centre with the very lightest blend stopping to infuse the pen each time but when it comes to grading the colour from centre to side down a whole length I’m just not getting it. I have tried to go centre out but with a long length, I am not getting the right blending for a continuous look. I would appreciate some advise or am I trying to run before I can walk!!!!

    1. juliachameleon

      Thelma, the Chameleon system does work best for single pen fuses in areas of about an inch square. That being said you CAN work on larger areas in a few different ways. Cathy is going to do a post in the new year addressing this exact question! Few tips for you to try till then that I find work really well for me
      1) Fuse Longer .. I know that seems obvious but sometimes when I get coloring I find I move a bit quick and don’t quite give it a nice long fuse for big areas. This allows me to have a bit longer time in the lighter area and if it is to light I just hang in coloring in that area a bit longer till it starts to turn to a tint. a Quick Test off on a scrap of the paper also is good to do first
      2) Go Slower .. I actually do the back and forth motion of coloring ‘slow and steady’ gives me more even coverage
      3) Re- infuse.. Remember these are alcohol inks so you can still blend and overlay color. I re-infuse the pen back to a lighter color, test off on a scrap of paper to get a bit of the blending solution out, then I start mid into the area I am coloring and overlay the blend to extend out the colored area evenly
      4) Work in sections.. You had the right idea there, again.. these are alcohol pens so remember you can blend the sections together, in fact EVERY pen can become a blender pen when you infuse them with the toner medium- use this to even out any color seams
      5) Really Large areas.. In the case of a really large area like 4 inches square, it may be better to go with a traditional multiple blending method. Remember Chameleon Pens work with ALL other alcohol pens
      so you can mix and match with other systems you may already have.

      Please feel free to send me a shot of the images you are coloring and I will see if we can do something like that in the tutorial- Just email to

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