Introducing Our Fabulous Guest Designer Teresa

We scour the globe looking for artists to showcase our products and during one such search we came across the wonderful Teresa Abajo, she kindly agreed to do a video for us and if you are local to where she lives in Australia you might find her teaching a Chameleon class near you!

Teresa profile photo


We asked Teresa to tell us a little bit about herself  so you could all get to know her.

I am a mother of three, part time hospital scientist who loves to play with paper. I generally classify myself as a cardmaker, but I also love to make books, dabble in mixed media and generally make a colourful mess.
I am lucky to be able to teach this craft at my local shop, I’m published regularly in several publications, and I serve on a number of design teams.
I love to make things and when they put a smile on someone’s face, I feel fulfilled and happy. I think I’m exactly where I should be.

With spring around the corner this is the perfect home decor project to brighten a wintery day!

Flower pot

Teresa used Warm Sunset (Y03) to colour the flowers, yes she really did get all those shades from the one pen!

If you would like to see more of Teresa’s projects you can find them on her blog, The Tamarisk here.


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