Introducing Our Wonderful Guest Designer Victoria Schultz Grundy

We were so excited when Victoria agreed to try out our pens, as a published Zen Doodle artist her work really caught our eye.  When her finished projects hit our in box the oohs and aahs could be heard for miles!

Zentangle 1
Victoria has used our deluxe pen set which contains a detail pen with a 4mm and 6mm nib which is perfect for drawing your Zentangles. Rather than using a blended approach she has used blocks of color using the same pen to get the myriad of shades seen here.

Here is another shot of the work in progress, we just love how cluttered her desk is with arty bits but there is still room for her Chameleon Pens!

Zentangle 2

We asked Victoria to tell us a bit about her creative journey.

photo me

“I’m an artist”. That statement was very powerful to me growing up in a small Midwestern town. There weren’t many artists that I knew and no art museums or computers or internet, yet somehow I was still an artist. My sister says I was born to be one. Most of us artists figure this out early in that we see the world differently, I surely did.
Because of this I saw art in everything, mostly nature. I created with what items I had often painting rocks and later sculpting with salt dough. It didn’t matter what the material was. I think now I believed in the meditative equation of time spent lost in drawing was really good for me. In College I studied interior design and art I was able to travel abroad.
I was excited to see the world through another culture and through the art of Europe.
I like painting and drawing but I am just as creative sewing and cooking as well as designing.
Currently I’m exploring teaching a drawing class were we explore much more than drawing. Of course I cover techniques, composition, and color but the best part is that we share our lives. There is great joy for us both when my students find they can do these amazing things. I helped them to find this creative thread and nurture it.
It is a mighty thing when the thing you love gives back.
I give away a lot of what I create because I want to make room for more and because I love the gift of giving. I will keep creating I believe, because that is what I was made to do.

We have more of Victoria’s stunning work to share with you over the coming weeks so make sure you have clicked the follow us button so you don’t miss her amazing work.

5 Comments on “Introducing Our Wonderful Guest Designer Victoria Schultz Grundy”

  1. Mary Sherman

    I am grateful that Victoria has greatly nurtured my creativity as one of her students. She has an amazing, talented, generous energy with which she teaches us! From teenagers to elders, we have been inspired to venture beyond our artistic boundaries. Our lives have been enriched by being Victoria’s students. She is a highly creative and skilled artist who shares and encourages us all.

  2. Susan

    Victoria is an amazing and teacher. She has inspired me to do things I never thought possible. How thrilling to see her work featured.

  3. Jane Gotelli

    I just put down my Chameleon pen to read my e-mails. I was coloring some “Color Me” cards from Paperwishes. I was having a very good time. Really like these pens. Lots of fun.

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