It Is Black and White by Katerina Oleynik

Monochromatic looks are always breathtaking and this first design by Katerina proves the point.


Katerina Oleynik

Katerina had a dream to make a black-and-white image using only 2 markers. She thought it would be a fantasy! Only 2 colors, but with Chameleon Color Tones it was possible!

This is the image she started with


Materials used:- Cool Gray (CG8), Deep Black (DB4) and Detail pen 0,4mm(D), white pen from uni-bal.



1) On a white cardboard the picture of the flowers was printed out from Flowers were coloured with the Cool Gray (CG8) pen using the brush nib infusing for 3-5 seconds.

2) Using Deep Black (DB4) using the brush nib infusing for 3-5 seconds, shadows were added to the middle of flower petals.

3) For more dimension streaks were added to the petals using Detail pen 0,4mm(D).

4) Paint over all white background with Deep Black (DB4) using the brush.

5) Finally use a white pen to draw points and circles on all black background.



This monochromatic design doesn’t have to be black and white you could try other two colour combinations, what would be your favourite combo?


1 Comment on “It Is Black and White by Katerina Oleynik”

  1. c

    WOW! This is amazing…absolutely amazing! The more ideas I see with these pens, the more incentive to practice with my own!
    Thanks for sharing inspiration and, especially, the ‘fusion-time’ recipes!

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