Chameleon Pens Meets Illusion Film

Hi everyone, Monica here sharing an interesting new and amazing product called Rowlux Illusion Film.


This film is almost like a piece of plexi-glass but thinner and gorgeous in comes in a mulititude of patterns and is so shimmery. To really see the true beauty of it you must purchase some for yourself. You can emboss, cut, put through a diecut machine, and most important color them with your Chameleon Pens for an amazing color.



Now on to my project. I created a white on white card with just a touch of color from my Chameleon Pens.

First I ran the material through my Sizzix Bigkick machine and punched out these cheery Lynn Magnolia flowers as shown here.


I then took my Chameleon pen V04 and colored each flower. For the flower centers I infused for about 10 seconds so you could see a gradual color change in the flowers.


Once I had all the flowers colored I then took my embossing gun and heat set the flowers. What is so nice is that the material begins to bend and curl the longer it is applied under the heat. This gave the flower an amazing shape.


I then put all the elements together to give the finished card shown below.


I hope everyone enjoyed my post and thanks so much for stopping by!


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