Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher 1.1

Sun Catcher by: Annette Allen.

Supplies:- Chameleon Color Tone Pens: Seville Orange (OR4), Aqua Marine (BG4), Royal Blue (BL6), Crimson Red (RD4) and Spring Meadow (YG3). Rowlux Illusion Film, Ranger (Archival Ink Jet Black), The Twinery (Stone), Mama Elephant (Filigree stamp set), Eyelets and 3-D Glue Dots.


Sun Catcher 1.5

1. Stamp image on back of Rowlux Illusion Film.

Sun Catcher 1.6

2. Color images using Chameleon Color Tone Pens on front side.

3.Color each image differently.

Sun Catcher 1.7

4. Trim each of the images leaving just a hint of white.


Sun Catcher 1.8

5. Adhere small image to center of large with 3-D Glue Dot.

6. Punch hole at top and bottom of two images.

7. Punch hole only at the top of third image. Add Eyelets in the holes.


Sun Catcher 1.9

8.Lastly using some twine, link all three images together.

Sun Catcher 1.2 Sun Catcher 1.3 Sun Catcher 1.4



15 Comments on “Sun Catcher”

  1. Deborah T

    We always need something on the sliders so they are not walked into. Even one on the bottom at dog eye level! These are beautiful!

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