And The WINNER Is…

First we want to thank EVERYONE who participated in Chameleon’s 1st ever “Grown Up Coloring Contest”. We had such an amazing response and it was absolutely inspirational to see all the wonderful coloring!  We’ve had a lot if people inquiring if we are going to have another coloring contest and the answer is YES! So just keep an eye on The Chameleon Facebook page for the announcement of the next one 🙂

We did get some incredible freehand art submitted but it was not really suitable for a “coloring” contest,  so we decided our NEXT contest should be for free hand artists.  MARKER ARTIST- MAKE YOUR MARK! will give marker artists a chance to share their original works of art with the community and have a chance to win! The contest will Start Sept 15th and all the details will be posted on Facebook real soon!

Below are the winners and their amazing creations, we have to say we had a really tough time choosing a winner as the standard of entry was so high!  We will be contacting the winners via email so you can claim your prize!

Grand Prize #1 Goes to Kpacker2000 who colored in this amazing picture of the “Enchanted Forest” voted best page created using ANY coloring medium. Congratulations!! You win the Grand Prize of a Deluxe set of Chameleon Pens with 21 ink refills and 20 digital coloring pages 

We opened this competition to all types of art supplies and while we would love it if everyone used  Chameleon Pens 🙂  It was great to see all the different coloring mediums and to show folks what our Chameleon Pens are capable of too!  This piece really shows the power of the one pen blends and smooth color gradations, plus I think this was done with just 5 or 6 pens… now that really shows doing MORE with LESS!

Grand Prize #2 Goes to 2003gem who did this wonderful whimsical owl Voted best page created using Chameleon Pens Congratulations! You win Grand Prize of a Full set of Chameleon Ink Refills for your Pens plus Tweezers, Nibs and the 20 page digital coloring book! 

chameleon 3

As we mentioned last week in our Facebook post, we decided to add ONE MORE PRIZE!! There were so many great works people voted on but we wanted to get in on it too! So we enlisted our fantastic Chameleon Pens Design team and folks in our creative department for them to choose their favorite.. and and Debbi29’s vision of the parrot from anamorphia just blew us away!

Grand Prize #3 Judged Best colored page by our Chameleon Design Team and Creative Department -Debbi29 You WIN a Deluxe set of Chameleon Pens and our 20 page digital Coloring book! 

Chameleon CHOICE Runner Up

We also have FOUR Runner Up Prizes – Colored with any coloring medium.

Each artist wins a 5 pack of Pens (or equivalent store credit) PLUS our 20 page digital coloring book 

2n place



Congratulations to everyone! Thanks for Participating and we look forward to the NEXT fun contest!! 


3 Comments on “And The WINNER Is…”

  1. Gloria Salsman

    Can you tell me what the price is for a full set of these colored pens,chameleon pens ? If the full set every color is not that pricey,I was thinking about buying this set,I do like to color,I colored for years pencils and crayons I like to draw,but I was told by some one that I didn’t do good and that person tried to out do me,.but that’s in the past.

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