We Are So Excited…We Just Have To Share!

Oh my! I have had tape over my mouth for over a month now, just to make sure I didn’t spoil this surprise……Yes you guessed it, this is not a normal post, we have a mega, super big announcement to make today! ( I apologise if I am a little over excited).

As you know we usually like to inspire our readers to create with our pens but today we were hoping we could inspire all of you to help!
Why ? Because today we launched a Kickstarter campaign for new Chameleon colors!


You may already know that our philosophy is to do MORE with LESS and that is still the case. Our customers tell us they love what they can do with just 20 colors, as Chameleon Pens allow them to go up and down the tonal scale of a color as well as the ability to overlay to create new colors. However a Crimson Red will not easily become a Dark Wine nor will our Bubblegum Pink become an intense Fuchsia, so we realised there were a few color gaps in the system. We have also had some of our users  asking for more skin tones, warm, cool and neutral greys along with more pinks and purples. So as always, at Chameleon we aim to please and have taken your requests on board.

Our goal is to create a complete Chameleon 50-color pen system (don’t worry we will not be needing 300 plus colors!). But in order to develop and formulate inks and get them to market faster we are looking to get a bit of help from the artistic community!

Kickstarter funding is an all or nothing deal and the first 48 hours of the campaign can really make a huge difference in our success. If we get some strong initial interest we have a good chance of being featured on the front page!! So please share this with all your friends and family on social media sites.

If you get a chance please stop by our Kickstarter Page  were you can see all the proposed colors and if you want to jump in and back us you will help bring the vision to life.
By helping us achieve our goals you can get some exclusive Kickstarter kits !! … like this awesome “Color Alchemist” Kit.


This kit so great because you can custom create YOUR own color! PLUS you will have the opportunity to be the FIRST to get the new palette, as the full color line will not be shipping to retail until later in 2016.

We need your help to make this happen!
Together, we can “Change Color”!

13 Comments on “We Are So Excited…We Just Have To Share!”

  1. Wendy

    I am wanting to do the $175 set, if I do, will I not receive any of my pens until February? I don’t have any of them yet, and I was wondering if there was a way I could get the original set earlier than that? I hope that makes sense. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Hi Wendy the nature of how the Kickstarter campaign is set up, means that all the products in the pledges have to be sent at the same time, if you didn’t want to wait you could pledge for the new colors only, to arrive in February and then go to our site and order the 20 set separately, we currently have a deal where for $99 you have priority shipping and a bonus 20 page colouring book here http://store.chameleonpens.com/chameleon-pens-relax-and-color-22-pen-deluxe-set-with-bonus-digital-20-page-color-book/ al or you may find them on offer if you shop around. I hope this helps with your decision and I totally understand as a fellow crafter that you want to get your hands on these pens as soon as possible…they are amazing after all!

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      If you hop on over to the Kickstarter campaign you can get an idea of all the colours we are hoping to add 😉

  2. Dolly

    this is SO awesome!!! I do love my Chameleons! I can’t wait for the new release! (better start saving my pennies now!):D TFS

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Dolly you won’t be alone saving your pennies, there are cheaper options of getting the new pens if you support the kickstarter campaign!

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