Custom Christmas Tag


Hi crafters! Today Monica shares a Christmas tag that you can add to your presents as a personal way to say Merry Christmas to the ones you love!

She uses a fun Christmas image with Santa, a snowman and cute reindeer.

IMG_4014by Monica Edwards

To color the snowman use Deep Black (BK4) infuse for 10 seconds, this gives the nice gradient look as shown. Crimson Red (RD4) and Royal Blue (BL6) to color his scarf and the red on his hat. For the smaller areas infuse the pen for 4 seconds.

Santa is colored with Crimson Red (RD4) and infused for 9 seconds. Bark (BR5) was then used to give the outer edge of Santa’s hat a deeper shadowed look. His face was infused for 3 seconds using Bisque (NU1) and then Fawn (NU3) to outline his face for the deeper shadows.

The reindeer was colored with Crimson Red (RD4), Bisque (NU1), and Bark (BR5). His cheeks were coloured with Bisque (NU1) infused for 3 seconds and his nose was colored without infusing the pen, so it’s a bright red. Some Stickles glitter was added to various areas to brighten things up just like sparkling of snow.


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