The First Of Our New Design Team


This has been such a challenge for the judges this year, the wealth of talented crafters has made it difficult to pick our final team.  We would like to thank everyone that entered, all the entries we received were of such a high standard, if you didn’t make the team this year please don’t give up, we will have another call next year! Today we will introduce the first of the people that made it!

Please give a warm welcome to Monica Maldarella, you can find her personal blog here.


Hi! I’m Monica (aka Mybonnetbee), a full time mum of two happy kids and a crafter in the time that I can steal from home duties. I live in Vigevano, a beautiful city in the West-Northern part of Italy, and I work as a stamping teacher in a shop in Milan. My passions are crocheting and card-making, especially the pop-up ones and watercolouring. Chameleon pens are my first alcohol markers and I love them! I’m very happy to be part of the Chameleon Design Team and I hope we will have much fun together with lots of creative projects!

We asked the new team to do their own take on the Humming Bird design from the Nature Color Cards set, this is what Monica came up with, we jar low how she had blended the red and the blue on the beak!


Chameleon pens used: Blue Violet (BV4), Aqua Marine (BG4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Warm Sunset (YO3) and Crimson Red (RD4).


1) Using the BG4 Chameleon pen, start from the body of the humming bird: infuse the pen for 12 seconds and colour the chest from the centre to the external edge.


2) Repeat on the other side of the chest: in this way the light reflects in front of the hummingbird.


3) Using the same pen, colour the body around the eye infusing the pen for about 6 seconds.


4) With YG3, colour the left side of the body starting from the zone near the wing. Infuse the pen for 10 seconds.


5) Going on with the same pen, colour the inner part of the wing from the top to the bottom infusing the pen for 8 seconds. Do the same with the body band near the wing.


6) With the YG3 pen, colour the feathers near the tail: 5 seconds infusion each. Then colour the empty areas of the right side of the body: 5 seconds infusion each again.


7) With the same colour, fill the external part of the right wing (6 seconds infusion for both areas); then, fill the upper area of the head infusing for 8 seconds, and the external area of the eye infusing for 6 seconds. With BV4 pen, colour the area under the beak, moving from the centre to the external edge (like we did for the chest). Infuse the pen for 6 seconds.



8) With BV4 pen, colour the area under the beak, moving from the centre to the external edge (like we did for the chest). Infuse the pen for 6 seconds.


9) With the same pen, colour the area between the eyes infusing for 4 seconds.  Starting by the tip, colour each feather of the tail infusing the BV4 pen for 10 seconds.  With the same pen, colour the tip of the beak infusing for 4 seconds. Colour also the birds feet infusing for 3 seconds.

10) With YO3 pen, colour the inner part of the wing: infuse for 7 seconds. for each feather. Repeat for the external part of the right wing of the humming bird. Repeat for the inner part of the right wing, infusing for 5 seconds. for each feather.


11) With RD4 pen, colour the empty area of the beak, starting by the edge of the blue area and colouring top-down. Infuse for 6 seconds. Then add some 3-D effect to the wings by blending red and yellow. To do so, add some RD4 to the inner parts of the feathers, infusing for 5 seconds each.


12) Intensify the shadows of each tone using the pure colour: RD4 and BV4 for the beak, BV4 for the tail and the paws, RD4 for the wings, YG3 for the feathers near the tail.

If you would like to have a go at coloring this humming bird, the color cards can be found in our shop here.

Please give Monica a big welcome and leave a comment at the end of this post, we will be back soon introducing another member of the Chameleon team.



7 Comments on “The First Of Our New Design Team”

  1. Jeanette

    Hi ladies what is the best card stock to use with these pens I have them but the card stock I’m uesing is making my bens bleed any advice would be very welcome x

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Hi Jeanette, we have at Chameleon HQ use a brand called Bee paper, but other alcohol maker pads work well too, such as Xpress it, or Neenah solar white. Another tip is to put paper underneath the card you are working on it will take any excess ink down rather than bleeding across the page.

  2. Cheryl O

    Wow Monica, how impressive! Welcome to the Design Team, I can see why you were selected! Looking forward to more of your creative work.

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