MERRRRRRY Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho has Santa visited you yet this year, were you naughty or nice and more to the point did you get the Chameleon Pens you have been hinting about?

Ekaterina has a very patriotic holiday card for us on this festive day….


We just love the dimension on the bow of the parcel with the Crimson Red Pen!



So all that remains is for the Chameleon team to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

4 Comments on “MERRRRRRY Christmas!”

  1. barb macaskill

    Pretty card! I was naughtilly nice so I am not sure which list I am on this year! I really did try so hard to be good but Santa was on one shoulder and Krampus was on the other. Both were whispering in my ear trying to get me to go along with their plans! Just when I thought I had chosen the right plan the other one would tempt me anew! I will know CHristmas morning if I get coal in my stocking where the cards fell! LOL
    Merry Christmas to the entire Chameleon family! Have a wonderful holiday seasoN!

    1. barb macaskill

      Coal it was so I guess I wasn’t as nice as I thought I was this year! I was really hoping for the 30 pen pack to complete my collection but no go! Maybe next year if I am lucky! Hope the entire Chameleon family and fans had a wonderful Christmas or whichever holiday they celebrate!

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