Where have we been?

Hi everyone, it may have seemed a bit quiet on the blog here, we have been super busy getting the new Design team organised and working hard at CHA (the Craft and Hobby Association – trade show).

Did you spot any of our updates and videos on Facebook?  If not here are a couple to give you a hint or two of some of the new products, you are going to LOVE them!!!!

We even had our Nick from Marketing demonstrating some of the 6 way techniques using the pens! Watch to the end for a peak at the new colors and color cards.

So which is your favourite? Let us know in comments.


5 Comments on “Where have we been?”

  1. Dolly

    ACK! I did not go to CHA… Okay I had NO idea the new 30 came out!! Ooooo I love the super deluxe kit! Can’t wait to see the Floral set IRL
    The color cards look fun too! Great that you have a coloring book for Alcohol pens too! okay I’m excited 😀 TFS

      1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

        Dates that we are quoting here are general retail availability
        Shipping dates for the Kickstarter project are all on the Backer Updates so its best to go
        there to get the most up to date info!
        Thanks for supporting the Kickstarter champaign! we really appreciate it!

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