Announcing Another Member of Our Design Team


Please give a warm welcome to Tanya Batrak, you can find more inspiration on Tanya’s blog here.


Hi My name is Tanya Batrak,  I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m a mom to one cute little girl and a wife to a wonderful man. I have a passion for paper crafting, watercolour, photography, travelling and sometimes cooking. I run a craft blog and a site about scrapbooking. Few years ago I quit my office job and became a freelance graphic designer.

This is what Tanya did with our Humming Bird from the Nature Color Card collection, the use of color to create shadow is so clever.


  1. I started with the left wing and colored using Warm Sunsetyellow (YO3). I infused the pen for 10 seconds to get the gorgeous ombre effect.tanyabatrak_bird_2
  2. Repeat the process with the right wing. Then I added a bit of green (YG3) to the left wing of the humming bird.tanyabatrak_bird_2
  3. After coloring the smaller feathers on the left wing with YO3 , I decided to mix it with Crimson Red (RD4) by touching  the bottom of the wings  slightly. tanyabatrak_bird_3
  4. I continued to color the left wing by adding the same crimson red colour and Blue Violet (BV4) colour. tanyabatrak_bird_4
  5. I decided to add more blue and painted ombre stripes on the both sides of the bird’s body. tanyabatrak_bird_5
  6. And the last steps – adding yellow and blue colours to the rest of the body and tail.


Tanya shows us how you can use Chameleon pens to build up color and create shading by using the overlay technique.

Thanks for joining us, please leave some love to welcome Tanya to the team.



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