Lets Welcome Back Another Design Team Member


We are excited to welcome back Annette Allen to our design team for another year, you can see Annette’s work here.

Annette - 1

Hi, my name is Annette Allen from myclevercreations and I am so excited to be a designer for Chameleon once again. I live in Colorado and I am a stay at home wife.  I have been crafting since 1997 and blogging since 2010. I enjoy many different crafts but my passion is card making and coloring. With this new year my goal is to start making videos. I look forward to inspiring and being inspired this new year.  Life is good and I am blessed. Now lets get crafty.

We love how Annette has given our Humming Bird from the Nature Color Card set rainbow wings.

Chameleon 2.1 - 1

Supplies: Chameleon Color Tone Pens: Aqua Marine (BG4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Blue Violet (BV4), Crimson Red (RD4) and Warm Sunset (YO3), Neenah white card-stock and Ikea frame.


1. Beak is colored with BG4 and YG3. Infuse colors for 5 seconds first coloring BG4 then YG3 directly over BG4.

2. Body of the bird is colored with YO3, YG3 and BV4. Infuse each color before coloring for 10 seconds. Center of birds body is colored with BV4, YG3 and YO3 layered. Blending the colors creates for a fun new color.

3. The feathers are colored using BG4,YG3, BV4, RD4 and YO3. Infuse each color before coloring each feather for 5 seconds.

5. Trim image to fit in frame.

Chameleon 2.2 - 1

Please give Annette a warm welcome back.

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