Announcing Another New Design Team Member


We want to give a warm welcome to Leah Cornelius,  you can enjoy more of her work here on her blog.


Hi! I’m Leah Cornelius and am a wife of 16 years to a wonderfully supportive husband and together we have three amazing kids that I am blessed to home school. When my first born was a baby a friend introduced me to the paper crafting world and I was hooked. I’d always loved arts and crafts from childhood and this was the perfect fit for me. That was nine years ago and I am still as passionate about it today. I am so thrilled to be on the Chameleon Pens Design Team this year and look forward to continuing to grow and share creative inspiration with the paper crafting community. Paper hugs!

Leah used overlays and non blended colors to color her humming bird from our Nature Color Cards.


I enjoy coloring but want my image to look and feel cohesive when I am done with it, so I find that it is worth a bit of planning because it makes the actual process of coloring more relaxing and I am usually much happier with my final result. Here I made a little chart to work out where I wanted my light source to be, my colors, where they would go as well as little swatches to remind me of how long to charge the colors. This is also helpful in case you are not able to color an entire image in one sitting. This way you can come back at a later time and not worry about having to remember what you were doing! I also made the fun discovery of a few colors that when layered together gave a beautiful new color.


I began with the tail feathers and first colored them all with BG4 charging the pen for 10 seconds. I then went back over the tail feathers with YG3, charging for 6 seconds and layering the color over the edges so that the BG4 color still showed as well.


On the upper part of the tail feathers I first colored with RD4 charging for 10 seconds and then went back over in the same manner as before with YO3 charging for 6 seconds.


I colored the feet with pure color using YO3.For the outside of the body I used BV4 charging for 4 seconds. The feathers under the throat used RD4 charging for 5 seconds. Since this part of the bird would be more in the shadow I didn’t want as high a contrast. The beak and yellow tips of the wings were colored in YO3 and charged for 5 seconds. The wing feathers were colored with BG4 and RD4 each charged for 5 seconds.


I continued to color finishing up the head area with BV4 on the eye which was charged for 10 seconds and on top of the head which was charged for only 4 seconds. The feathers that wrap around the belly where done in BG4 charged for 5 seconds and the belly was done in YG3 and charged for 10 seconds in sections so as to get a smooth blend. Now that all my colors were laid down the final touch was to heighten the contrast so that it really came alive.


To get the high contrast I went back in with pure color from each pen I used and deepened where the darkest shadows would be. The fine brush nibs are wonderful for this as they offer a lot of control and I had no issue with feathering or bleeding. ​

Please leave a warm welcome for Leah today, we look forward to seeing her inspiration over the coming months on the blog.


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