Welcome Our Final Design Team Member


Today we announce our final design team member and then next week we will be announcing our Colorist!

So a big warm welcome to Olesya Kharkova, you can view her blog here.


Hi my name is Olesya Kharkova, I’m from Russia. Live with my husband who supports me in my passion for papercrafting. I spend most of my time on cardmaking and coloring, almost every day. I like to tell a story with my projects and make images come alive with coloring, so to speak. Every single project means a lot to me. I have been papercrafting for about 5 years but found “my path” only in 2014. As for the year 2016 I’m looking forward to start working with new mediums, try new techniques and be successful in what I’m doing.

We have to say our jaws dropped when we saw what Olesya created with our Humming Bird from the Nature Color card collection.


Hummingbird project.
Supplies: Chameleon Pens, Aqua Marine, Spring Meadow, Crimson Red, Blue Violet and Warm Sunset. Other materials :thick printer paper, a piece of patterned paper, alpha stickers Capture Life Echo Park.
1. Color the middle part of the hummingbird’s breast with Blue Violet ( BV4) without infusing. Then infuse the pen for 5 sec and color the breast beginning from the edges moving to the middle. And blend to reach smooth colouring.

2. Color the inner part of the body, the part under the beak with Aqua Marine (BG4) without infusing to intensify the shadows. Color the same spots with Spring Meadow (YG3) without infusing, blending the colors to reach a new shade of color. Then infuse Spring Meadow (YG3) for 7 sec and color the leaving white space beginning from the edges to the middle.

3. For the short feathers of the tail and the beak use Crimson Red (RD4) for the bright shadows, blend it with Warm Sunset (YO3). Then infuse Warm Sunset (YO3) for 5 sec and color from the edges to the middle. To add some texture make dots with bullet nib of Crimson Red (RD4) pen.

4. Wing and long tail: use Blue Violet ( BV4) without infusing, with Aqua Marine (BG4) also without infusing on top of the blue then infuse Spring Meadow (YG3) for 7 sec and color from the edges to the middle and blend the color together for smooth colouring.

5. Use Spring Meadow (YG3) for the feathers of the wings infused for 10 sec and Warm Sunset (YO3) at the bottom infused for 4 sec.
6. To add some texture use the bullet nib of the corresponding color and make some dots big and small randomly.

7. To add some additional texture or imitate shine use a white gel pen.

8. Prepare the background: I took a coloring page, coloured it in the same way. Sponged the edges with Tumbled Glass distress inks and sprinkled some water to reach watery look. Added some dots with a white gel pen.
9. Cut the bird leaving small white borders.
10. Adhere the hummingbird on top of the front panel with a foam tape leaving it a little bit hung over.
11. Place the alpha stickers at the bottom of the panel and adhere it to a piece of patterned paper.

This project is just bursting with color and was created using only five Chameleon pens, please leave some welcome love for Olesya.

2 Comments on “Welcome Our Final Design Team Member”

  1. Cheryl O

    Oh my gosh!!! This is so creative and colorful-no pun intended. How amazing, you’re so talented! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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