The Christmas Cat

Olesya shares a Christmas Cat card with us today.


By Oleysa Kharkova

Using Chameleon Color tone pens Aqua Marine, Spring Meadow, Crimson Red, Warm Sunset and Blue Violet.
1. Color the fir tree with Aqua Marine (BG4) without infusing under the boughs to intensify the shadows. Then use Spring Meadow (YG3) infused for 15 seconds to make a smooth colouring from the light to dark and blend it with Aqua Marine (BG4) to make a new shade of dark green.P51209-164545
2. Add some dots and strokes with Spring Meadow (YG3) without infusing to give texture.
The cat:
3. Use Crimson Red (RD4) without infusing where the shadows should be. Then infuse it for 5 seconds and color from the edges moving to dark red shadows and blend them together.P51209-202450
4. Color polka dots with Aqua Marine (BG4) for shadows and Spring Meadow (YG3) on top without infusing.
5. To color a ginger cat use Warm Sunset (YO3) without infusing where the shadows should be and then infuse it for 5 sec and color moving to dark yellow. The same with the tag.
6. To intensify the bow use Crimson Red (RD4) for shadows and Warm Sunset (YO3) without infusing just blending together.
7. And small details: use Crimson Red (RD4) infused for 7 seconds for the nose and ear. And Blue Violet ( BV4) infused for 10 sec to highlight the eye.

8. Then assemble the card. Front panel is from DCWV Christmas memories paper collection. Adhere it directly to the card base. The fir tree on top and then the cat with a foam tape. The sentiment is from the same collection.

Who wouldn’t want this cute kitty for Christmas!

4 Comments on “The Christmas Cat”

  1. barb macaskill

    This is such a cute card! It reminds me of a cat that I had a long time ago!! He got into some presents and wrapped himself in the paper and fell asleep! When we came down in the morning he was sound asleep and looked like a furry present! Mom and Dad weren’t quite as amused as us kids were but they laugh about it now! LOL TFS!

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