Announcing Our First Chameleon Colorist


We would like to welcome Monika Kuriata our first ever Colorist on the design team. You can find Monika’s blog here.

monika kuriata

Hi my name is Monika Kuriata! I am a Scottish artist with a passion originated in my Polish roots. Poland is in my heart for many reasons, I spent my childhood there and gained my art skills and experience. But for nearly a decade now together with my husband, two children as well as a dog, a cat and two guinea pigs enjoy a beautiful life in magical Scotland. Since I can remember I’ve been drawing, painting and making things for my family and friends. This passion still develops and became an incredible journey. Doing drawings, paintings, cards, dough sculpture and any other crafts fit perfectly in my healthy lifestyle. In the course of this life I also became a nail artist where I can express myself in specific nail art designs. However the real art is the way I want to go. So looking forward to working with Chameleon Pens team which can make my art dreams come true. 2016 bring it on!

This is what Monica created with the Humming Bird, we love all the textural effects.

7. stage 6 and final one. Finishing rest of feathers and adding RD4 on the top of BV4 on the top of the headMaterials used: ‘humming bird’ design from the Nature Color cards set and Chameleon pens Warm Sunset, Spring Meadow, Blue Violet, Crimson Red and Aqua Marine.

  1.  I started to color the bird using crimson red RD4, Warm Sunset YO3 (I made some stripes on the belly of the bird) , and using Spring Meadow YG3 I did some patterns on the both sides of bird’s belly2. stage 2 colouring using blending colours YG3, YO3, RD4
  2. I colored some bird’s tail feathers in Aqua Marine BG4 and Spring Meadow YG3. And started coloring Bird’s wings using Blue Violet BV4 and Crismon Red RD4. Using Blue Violet BV4 I colored top of the head and under the beak making some patterns too.3. stage 3 colouring using YG3, BG4, RD4,BV4
  3. I added some Crismon Red RD4 patterns on the belly covering a little bit of the previous color Warm Sunset YO3. 4.stage 4 adding some red patterns on the belly of bird using RD4
  4. The long feathers on the bird’s tail are colored in two colors. First layer in Warm Sunset YO3 and second layer in Spring Meadow YG3. It helped to change color a little bit.5.stage 5 colouring long feathers using YO3 and YG3 over first colour
  5. Next stage of coloring the long feathers to show how color is changing.6. still stage 5 colouring long feathers
  6. It is the final look of my interpretation of Humming Bird. On the last stage I finished the long feathers adding the second layer of color (Spring Meadow YG3), I finished the wings using Crismon Red RD4 and Warm Sunset YO3.  And added some Crismon Red RD4 on the top of the bird’s head to change color from blue to dark blue.

Please leave Monica a warm welcome.

3 Comments on “Announcing Our First Chameleon Colorist”

  1. sue

    I would love to have the original of this bird so that I could practice. I am not very good at colouring yet and can only learn by coping.

  2. Cheryl O

    Love your take on the humming bird, Monica, it’s beautiful!! Welcome to the team. Got to spend time this past September in your beautiful country, can’t wait to go back!!

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