The Power of Life

Today we are joined by our Colourist Monika, did you know that as well as being an incredible colourist she is also a wonderful artist.  She has created this beautiful tree titled The Power of Life for us today.

18. Finished project of 'The power of life'

Material used: Chameleon pens: Warm Sunset (YO3), Spring Meadow (YG3), Crismon Red (RD4), Aqua Marine (BG4), Blue Violet (BV4), pencil, black fine ink pen, A4 smooth card

  1. Create a pencil sketch of the tree. 1. Pencil sketch of my design 'the power of life'
  2. Add contouring with black fine ink pen.3. Finished contouring with black fine ink
  3. Photo nr 5 and 6. Colour the first branch using Spring Meadow (YG3) and Crismon Red (RD4), then colour over the light green to make a brown colour overlay. By playing with overlaying the colours it is possible to make all the highlights and shades of different colour.6. First branch ' second layer of RD4
  4.  To colour another branch mix the same colours as in previous step. First Spring Meadow (YG3) and then Crismon Red  (RD4).8. And again RD4 over the first layer of YG3
  5. For the next branch colour mixing Spring Meadow (YG3) and Warm Sunset (YO3).10. And adding second layer of YO3 over first layer of YG3
  6. The last main branch was coloured using Aqua Marine (BG4) and a little bit of Warm Sunset (YO3) overlaying the first colour.12. Adding a little bit of YO3 over BG4 on the last main branch
  7. Colouring rest of branches in mixed colours. A few of them in Aqua Marine (BG4) mixed with Warm Sunset (YO3), another few in Spring Meadow (YG3) mixed with Warm Sunset (YO3), and last few in Warm Sunset (YO3) mixed with Blue Violet (BV4).15. Last few branches coloured in BG4 with some BV4 over the first colour
  8. The leaves were coloured with pure colours (using all 5 shades) as well as overlaying to create new colours; Warm Sunset (YO3) was mixed with Crismon Red (RD4), Warm Sunset (YO3) with Spring Meadow (YG3) and Spring Meadow (YG30 mixed with Aqua Marine (BG4).16. The leaves were coloured with pure colours as well as mixed colours
  9.  The hanging hearts were coloured using Crismon Red (RD4) and Blue Violet (BV4), and the strings of leaves in  Spring Meadow (YG3) and Warm Sunset (YO3).17. The hearts coloured in RD4 and BV4, and the strings in YO3 and YG3

Wow we love Monika’s tree, if you can draw and then colour using Chameleon pens we would love to see your creations on our Facebook page.

2 Comments on “The Power of Life”

  1. Monika

    Thank you very much Cheryl 🙂 I loved working on this one. Usually in my designs are intricate and thanks to Chameleon PEns they can be colorful and bright just as I love

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