Mixed Media Monday with Olesya

It is a magical Mixed Media Monday today, with Olesya’s Fairy Wood Design, this project would add the finishing touches to any child’s bedroom!


 By Olesya Kharkova

Olesya said “Bright Fairy themes are my favourite in cardmaking. The Chameleon pens helped me to realize all my ideas on this theme just the way I wanted them to be. These vibrant colors highlight the whole design.”

Materials Used:- Chameleon Color Tones Deluxe Set; Crimson Red (RD4), Blue Violet (BV4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Warm Sunset (YO3), Aqua Marine (BG4), Cool Gray (CG8), Fawn (NU3), Bisque (NU1); white cardstock, texture paste, glitter glue. die-cuts, A day for Daisies Small Friend digital stamp, some mushroom digital images, Lawn Fawn Smitty’s ABC’s stamp set,  distress inks, distress re-inkers, Perfect Pearl Mist Sunflower Sparkle, Flower Soft, white gel pen, diy stencil.


  1. Print all the images on a white cardstock and be ready to start coloring.
  2. The left mushrooms: using the brush nib infuse the Aqua Marine pen for 10 seconds to reach very light hue, color from the upper edge of the mushroom’s cap to the bottom. Infuse the brush nib of the Warm Sunset pen for 3 seconds and color from the bottom to the upper edge of the cap inside. It is easier to color if turn the image upside down. For the small toadstools use the bullet nib of the Crimson Red pen, infuse it for 3 seconds and color from the left to the right. Color the mushrooms’ stipes with the bullet of the Aqua Marine pen infused for 7 seconds and color from the upper edge towards the centre. Then take the Spring Meadow pen infused for 8 seconds and color the stipes from the bottom towards the centre with a brush nib overlapping the previous coloring with the Aqua Marine pen.P60318-143339
  3. The right blue mushroom: use the brush nib of the Blue Violet pen, infuse it for 10 seconds and color from the bottom edge to the top. Then use the bullet nib of the same pen unfused and underline the areas under the fairy’s legs to deepen the shadows. For the legs use the bullet nib of the Spring Meadow pen. Infuse the bullet nib of the Aqua Marine pen for 6 seconds and color the fairy’s tunic. The hair: the brush nib of the Warm Sunset pen infused for 5 seconds. The wings: the bullet nib of the Blue Violet pen infused for 12 seconds to reach very light hue.  P60318-143519
  4. Apply some texture paste through the stencils and dry with a heat gun.P60316-004657
  5. Spray the textured background with different sprays, distress re-inkers. And dry thoroughly with a heat gun. Sponge the edges of the panel with some dark distress inks to emphasize the central part.P60316-012605
  6. Prepare custom moss. Take some Ivory Flower soft, pour it with Peeled Paint re-inker and some water, air dry.P60318-142932
  7. Assemble the card. Adhere the images to the panel, add some die-cuts and glitter glue here and there. Place the moss with some white glue.P60316-143355
  8. The final part is to stamp the sentiment with alpha stamps using Archival ink.



Alternative photo: P60316-143328

All the texture in this project really brings it to life, you can actually believe in the magic of this piece!

4 Comments on “Mixed Media Monday with Olesya”

  1. Jane Gotelli

    Very nice. I especially like the vivid colors. I look forward to your next project. I think I am going to learn a lot from you.

  2. fairyrocks

    Love every bit of this tiny art card! Love that Aqua marine with the Blue Violet- perfect.
    I would love to be coloring in the ‘woodland fairy’ coloring book I recently acquired
    …breath in the magic…soft summer breezes, sigh

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