How to Get More Out Of Your Re-inkers

Have you ever thought there must be something else I can do with my re-inker rather than just fill my pen?  Well we asked Ilina to show how great they are for colouring dominos and creating custom magnets!

IMG_0756By  Ilina Crouse

We asked Ilina what inspired her to alter a domino and this is what she said “The world around us is full with items that we can alter and do art with. While searching for items to alter I looked at a box of dominoes we had at home and my first though was “why not?”, so I ran to the store and picked up a new box of dominoes (I didn’t want to do art with the ones that we were using to play with ;)) and started experimenting. I love the results I got. Hope you enjoy this project and it will inspire you to look around you for items you can re-purpose and do art with.

Materials Used:- Chameleon Pens Reinkers : Soft Sky BL3, Spring Meadow YG3, Royal Blue BL6, Colorless Blender reinker or rubbing alcohol, dominoes, blending tool and felt piece, E6000 adhesive, round magnets, Staz-on jet black ink pad, Gold leafing pen, Stampin’ Up! Awesomely Artistic stamp set and Stampin’ Up! Butterfly Basics stamp set.


1. Start with filling the refill syringes with just few drops of the reinkers of your choice. Cut down piece of felt to fit your blending tool and add few drops of each one. It is best to work with up to three colors.





2. Add few drops of colorless blender or rubbing alcohol and apply in pouncing motion to your dominoes. You can do up to 6-8 dominoes with just one application of the the reinkers to the felt circle. Let it dry.




3. Stamp your select images onto the dominoes using Staz-on ink pad. Stamping on alcohol inks takes practice and a steady hand.  We recommend practicing stamping on a non inked (plain) dominoes first to make sure you’re a stamping pro at getting clear, not smeared or overly wet images. Staz-on is solvent based ink that very similar to alcohol inks, so they will erase each other if smeared. You have to make sure that your domino is completely dry and that the Stazon inked stamp is not overly wet, causing it to slide  around on the alcohol inked domino when you press them together. Because the alcohol ink interacts with Stazon, your stamped lines may be semi-transparent – allowing you to see the colors under your Stazon ink especially in thick lined (bold) artwork.

You can use Glaze On or Acrylic Spray sealer to seal the colored/inked dominoes before stamping with Staz-on or use and oil based permanent ink such as Archival and then use clear embossing powder to emboss the stamped image.



4. Using the gold leafing pen color the sides of all dominoes and let it dry.


5. Adhere the magnets using E6000 glue or any other very strong adhesive. Let it dry for several hours. And your magnets and ready t be used.





These will look absolutely fabulous on the fridge, to hold all those important notes and children’s artwork!

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