Mirror Stamping with Chameleon Pens

Tanya shares the Mirror stamping technique with us today, combined with Chameleon pens.


By Tanya Batrak



Tanya explains her inspiration for this technique” I like that Chameleon pens can draw on different surfaces, and vellum is one of them. This ability will help you if you want to try a mirror stamping technique.”

Materials Used: Chameleon Color Tones Deluxe Set; Warm Sunset (YO3); Olive Green (OL3); Deep Violet (VO4); floral stamp; watercolor paper; American Crafts ribbon.


  1. Stamp image several times on a scrap piece of paper to make a border. If you are happy with the result, now you can proceed on a card.BATRAK_29march_technique_step1-5
  2. Make 4 ¼ x 7”card from card stock.
  3. Draw a horizontal line with the pencil to divide the front side of a card in two.
  4. Stamp image several times over the pencil line to make a border.
  5. Color each image with the brush tip using Warm Sunset, Olive Green and  Deep Violet infusing each color before coloring for 3 seconds.
  6. Cut a piece of vellum (3×7”).BATRAK_29march_technique_step5-6
  7. Stamp the same image several times on a piece of vellum.
  8. Flip the vellum and you will see that the images now look down.
  9. Color each image on a vellum with the brush tip using Warm Sunset and Olive Green infusing each color before coloring for 3 seconds.BATRAK_29march_technique_step8-9
  10. Die cut the flower petals or cut them with scissors. Color each petal with the brush tip  using Deep Violet infusing the color before coloring for 5 seconds. Add strokes with the same color with the bullet tip. Adhere all petals together. Color the center of a flower with Warm Sunset and adhere it on the flower.BATRAK_29march_technique_step10-11
  11. Adhere vellum, ribbon, flower and two petals on a card base.


This is such a great way to reverse the image of a stamp to get a mirrored effect, we will be bringing you more techniques soon from the team so do pop back soon!

4 Comments on “Mirror Stamping with Chameleon Pens”

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Yes we were intrigued by this method too, of course you can still do it the more traditional way; stamp onto a palin rubber stamp and then transfer from the plain stamp onto the paper.

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