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This month we are featuring these new colors in our Skin Tone Pack, you can see other inspiration using this color combination in last Monday’s post. Here are all the new colors that now give even more possibilities when coloring faces and hair.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 15.31.39

Today Ekaterina and Ilina took the pen set for a spin and this is what they created.


By Ilina Crouse

Ilina was inspired from high school when creating this card, she said “Even from my high school and college days back home I have always been into Astronomy, I spent years as part of the Astronomy Society in Macedonia and I LOVE everything that has to do with stars and night sky. So when I saw the Space Bear set I knew it will perfectly pair up with the Skin Tones Chameleon Pens and I can create a space background for them to float around. ”  This design shows that the skin tones can also be used to color other critters with great results.

You can download full photo step by step instructions for the Bears In Space Project here.


Ekaterina is next, sharing how the new skin tones work with some of the other colors available in the range.



By Ekaterina Oleinik

Ekaterina has captured all the highlights in the hair with these designs and the ability to get different variations of shade from the pens has allowed her to get the look of glass in her glasses, how cool is that!

Ekaterina has given Face Color Guides for these projects here.


We hope you have enjoyed this skin tones feature, next month we will be looking at our new Warm Tones.  Don’t forget to check out our Friend Friday posts with the chance to win a 5 pack pen set of your choice.

8 Comments on “More Skin Tone Inspiration”

  1. barb macaskill

    LOVE Ekatarina’s tutorial!! Her hair coloring is divine!! Ilina’s starry background is fantabulous!!! So in love with it!! TFS!

  2. Dolly/scrapthat

    So cool!
    I love my original set of Chameleons and hope to find the new sets in a store near me one day! slow in getting picked up in Canada, will have to phone my store and see about fixing that! 😀 TFS

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