Reindeers Are Coming

Well, we have held off as long as possible before mentioning the “C “word but now we are beginning to panic that we will run out of time to create all our Christmas projects in time, so we have enlisted the Chameleon Design Team to come up with some festive inspiration over the next two months. Today Monica has this adorable Reindeer pyramid card for us but what ever you do make sure you check out the instructions because this card has a hidden surprise!


By Monica Maldarella

Monica said “Making dynamic cards is so funny! They bring smiles to the recipients, even better if it is Christmas!”

If you would like to see the step by step instructions for this Reindeer Slider Card you can download the instructions here.


We thought that when you lifted the tab it would say Ta Dah!  After all it isn’t often you see a reindeer pyramid is it?

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