Wonderful Blues and Grays

We continue our introduction today of our new Gray Tones and Blue Tones 5 pen sets.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 16.09.35 Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 16.09.49

Some of you have asked why do I need so many grays? Well if you are wanting to color an elephant you won’t want to use a cool gray as the color will appear too cold for the warm setting in which it lives, the opposite would apply with a snowman as they would look better with a cooler tone, then there are the lighter and darker shades, all designed to provide a full spectrum of shades for realistic monochromatic effects.

Our designers Monika and Ilina have been working with these new shades to bring you inspiration. Monika has colored coloring pages from the DCWV Color and Create pads Patterns and Prints (first and third images) and Floral (second image).


By Monika Kuriata using the new Gray Tones.


By Monika Kuriata using the new Gray Tones, we just love how the warm gray leaves highlight the flowers.

Did you also notice how she has used the Gray to create a parchment type finish on the right side of this design?


By Monika Kuriata using the new Blue Tones.

Ilina has created this geometric style card that showcases the blue color tones perfectly.


By Ilina Crouse

Ilina said “My favorite color is blue, so working with the Blue tones was fun. I decided to go with an abstract background so I could showcase all of the blue tones. ”

You can download the full instructions for this Blue Tones Card here.


These new color packs lend themselves to monochromatic effects perfectly, so why not give it a go and share your results on our Facebook page.

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    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Glad you finally got them Leanne, can’t believe how many different addresses we tried t ship it to before they actually made it to you!

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