Thanks for All The Presents

All the parcels have been unwrapped and new homes have been found for all those wonderful gifts given over the Holiday season, now it is time to say thanks, so we asked Monica to create a card to inspire you to make your own thank you cards this year!


By Monica Maldarella

Monica said “There is always a moment when you need to thank somebody in a very good way… and Christmas is the best time of the year to do it!”

We adore the way her speech bubble uses images and words to create the message of thanks.

If you would like to recreate Yeti Thank You Card you can download the full photo step out instructions here.


Thanks for joining us today, don’t forget to pop back next Monday for a big announcement!

7 Comments on “Thanks for All The Presents”

      1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

        Watch out for our Winner Wednesday post you never know which week we will be posting but it is always worth the wait Berina!

  1. barb macaskill

    What a cute card! We have the grandchildren send thank you notes to everyone who gifted them during the holidays so that hopefully when they are older they just do it automatically! This is a great card for the kiddos to make! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Such a great life lesson to teach the Grandchildren Barb, I did the same with mine and my son who is now 23 goes into the craft room and makes his own thank you’s still!

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