Announcing Our Design Team Call

It is that time of year when we invite you to apply to join our design team. We are looking for talented designers and artists who can use alcohol pens  or colored pencils as well as sharing knowledge on general crafting techniques.


Whether you are a card maker, scrapbooker, mixed media artist, home decor artist,  or upcycler we are looking for diverse people to join our happy team. Entries are welcome from all corners of the world, our only requirement is that you can submit your projects and written instructions and videos in English and on time.


In return for being on the main design team  you will get a Deluxe set of pens or one of our new product lines (can’t say more until after Creativation at the end of january when the product is launched) and partake in cross company promotions, such as blog hops.  All team members will be given credit for work on the company blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and in our newsletters. We will also share a link back to your own blog and an artist biography and you will  have the opportunity of having your work shown at consumer and trade shows and on TV in the UK and USA.


For the Main Design team we ask that you be an active team member  for 1 year commencing 1st April 2017 ending 31st March 2018. During this time we would like you to submit 2 projects per month we will advise of the theme but all projects must be accompanied by photo step out instructions in the format we advise. In addition to this you will be required to participate in any Partner Company hops that are organised (usually one a month – so 3 projects a month on average in total) and be active on our Social Media pages.  From time to time you will also be asked to submit projects for magazine publications for Chameleon Pens.  If we make any additional requests  for work beyond this you will be compensated, and if you independently have projects published in magazines that promote the pens there will be additional rewards.


The projects submitted for the blog should include an unwatermarked photo and written instructions (we would like at least one video post a month  by one of the design team members to go on the blog but if you are not able to create videos we will still consider your application). We ask that you only use Chameleon pens in projects for our blog . Chameleon will have the right to use all artwork and projects across all advertising, mixed media and TV mediums, and you may be asked to send any projects you have created for the blog to us for further use (we will reimburse any shipping costs).

So how do you apply?

There are two submission rounds this year, in the first round we would like you to submit a project with step out photo and written instructions showcasing your colouring talents, we will be looking for skills in shading, highlighting and blending be it in pen or  pencil.  Your project can be a card, scrapbook page mixed media piece . All projects must be new and not shared anywhere else on your blogs or other social media sites. If you wish to include a video tutorial too that would be a bonus (Please remember videos should be no more than 5-7 minutes in length and edited to a final publication standard). Your projects can be coloured in any medium, e.g. pencil, watercolour or alcohol pen, they do not have to be Chameleon products for this round. We ask that you do not share these projects elsewhere until the design team call ends and we have announced the team.


Photos of your projects should be taken against a neutral background with no dressing of the design and should be of a high quality. Please do not include a watermark.

Please provide details of your name, address and phone number and if you prefer to color in pencil or alcohol pen (or both!!!!)

List all links to your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and tell us about existing and past design teams and publications you have had.

The deadline for submission of the first round will be 5th February 2017, our chosen finalists will be contacted and invited to partake in the second round.  We will be sending out product for use in the design process for the second round project, which will need to be submitted by the 12th March 2017, we then plan to announce the new team later that month.

Send your entries to

Good luck!



20 Comments on “Announcing Our Design Team Call”

  1. Maria Wedel

    Only just saw this today … like right now … loving it ! Great opportunity ! too bad I didn’t see this earlier so I could have prepared more .. I will give it a shot …

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  4. Lacey

    Hello! Just a few questions! Step out photograph meaning? And written instructions? Just want to clarify the meanings of what’s required. How many pieces do you want submitted? Thank you!

        1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

          Hi Alina, Nick and I have been judging entries today so will make an announcement soon, however I checked all the entries and there was not an entry from you, I will double check with Nick to check his junk mail folder but if not can you resend showing the email with your original submission date. Thanks .

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Yes international applications are welcome As we mention in the call you must be able to write your instructions with good English , looking forward to seeng your entry, good luck 🙂

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Shannon as the team members will be signing an official design contract the call is only open to adults at this time.

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