New Year – New Resolution

Now that the new year has begun, thoughts turn to new years resolutions, what do you plan to do more of or better this year?  We asked the team to come up with some new year resolution inspiration in their crafting projects, Tanya starts us off with a mood board scrapbooking page of things she would like to achieve in 2017!


By Tanya Batrak

We love all of Tanya’s ideas, I know the team in the office would sign up to read more and relax more, but not so sure about the travel one after all the trips planned this month for trade shows!

You can follow along with how Tanya created this New Year’s Resolution Page Layout you can follow her step by step instructions here.


We would love to hear what your new year’s resolutions are? Are you still sticking to it or have you fallen already?  Just remember Tanya’s message “Think Positive”.

4 Comments on “New Year – New Resolution”

  1. barb macaskill

    I don’t really make resolutions because I know I won’t keep them long! I do have a word for the year though. It is EMBRACE! I want to embrace change, love, life, who I am!

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Wow Berina that is efficient….If we did that we would forget where we had put them by the time Christmas came lol.

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