Easter Eggs

When we asked Olesya to create an Easter card she told us about a tradition that they have in Russia and how it inspired her to create her Easter card. She said ” In the morning on Easter Day, we (our family) gather together and fight with colorful eggs. The family members in pairs hit their eggs one against the other with their pointed sides, the one whose egg is still safe wins the fight. Therefore I called the card Egg-cellent Morning :)”.

By Olesya Kharkova

We hope the eggs she uses are boiled otherwise it will be a very messy morning!

If you would like to see how Olesya created this Egg-cellent Morning card you can download the photo step out instructions here.

What traditions do your family observe at Easter, or are you tempted to have a go at egg fighting this year?

3 Comments on “Easter Eggs”

  1. Berina Febin

    This tradition sure sounds like fun. We don’t have a tradition of Easter eggs. Our Easter starts with Church service at 5:00 AM and then all cousins and elders gather at our grandparents house (My grandmother was born on a Easter, so we used to celebrate her birthday as well on Easter every year).

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