A Mardi Gras Invite

Get your glad rags on, we are planning a Mardi Gras party!  Yes, next week  is Mardi Gras and people will be celebrating all over the world. Now for the invites, we asked Tanya to create something magical for the occasion and she did not disappoint!

By Tanya Batrak

Did you know that the cube folds into the envelope? You can see how it pops open in this video.

Mardi Gras Card from Chameleonpens on Vimeo.

Tanya said “I was eager to make something like this long ago. This is super fun invitation that will make your guests go “wow”.  Just fold the cube flat, put it in the envelope, give it to your guest, let him or her  pull the cube out and enjoy the effect!”

You can see how Tanya created this Mardi Gras Invitation card by downloading the free photo step out instructions here.

The template for the pop up element of the design can be found here


Thanks for joining us today and we look forward to hearing about your Mardi Gras celebrations!


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