A New Year’s Resolution

We continue our new year theme with a resolution by Ekaterina, who has decided to learn how to bake desserts and in particular cupcakes!  Quick when is the next plane to the Ukraine I think she will need someone to test the results!!!!

By Ekaterina Oleunik

Ekaterina said “I dream long ago will learn to bake desserts. And especially there is a wish will learn to bake cupcakes. It will also be my purpose in new year.”

If you would like to learn how Ekaterina created her New Year Aim cupcake card you can download the instructions here.

So who is joining me on the plane to be her dessert testers?

5 Comments on “A New Year’s Resolution”

  1. barb macaskill

    Warm up the engines on that plane because I am ready to go and be a taste tester!! If I am going with you all I know it will be a colorful trip!! Wooo hoooo!
    Love this scrumptious card!TFS!

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