Get Them Here First!

Did you see the Kickstarter launch of our new product yesterday?

With Chameleon Pens …You already have a marker that can do MORE! And now the most innovative marker system on the market just got even better!! You can now Seamlessly blend COLOR TO COLOR with Chameleon Color Tops!

We want you our loyal readers to have the chance to get this new product before anyone else and at a special discounted price, we have a LIMITED quantity of early bird specials with a substantial savings and when they are gone… they are gone!! .  So what is this new product you ask?  Ask no more, click on the Kickstarter link below to watch the amazing video to see how our new Color Tops work it will blow your mind!

How it Works:

Simply pop a Chameleon Color Top on top of a Chameleon Pen. Rather than blending two colors on the page, blend colors at the source (nib) instead, for beautiful, smooth and seamless color blends. One color just flows into the other! Even opposite colors like and orange and green can be blended together without a seam.

It really is that simple, just do this……….And you will be able to create projects like this!!!

Now you have seen this amazing new innovation, you can support us by clicking on the Kickstarter link below.  Supporting the campaign helps us get the new innovation to market faster AND by pledging your support Not only do you get them in your hands before anyone else you get to save big! In some cases can save up to 40% off the MSRP!!!


3 Comments on “Get Them Here First!”

  1. Cheryl O

    Whoa, your creativity just doesn’t slow down does it??? I got your email notification, and even though I was traveling, I had to order the color tops on KickStarter. What a great artistic idea! I can hardly wait to add these to my “color arsenal” and see what magic I can create!! I must say, you are pushing my creativity, and I love it!!! The possibilities are endless, thanks so much!! 🙂

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Glad to enable your creativity, we would love to see what you make with them on our Facebook page once they are available.

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