Design Team Call Round Two

Hello Everyone, the first round entries are in and boy did we have a hard time selecting who would go through to the next round, there were SO many and the standard of entry was INCREDIBLE. So a big round of applause is due to all that entered, you made our job very difficult!  If you didn’t make it onto round two this year please remember that we have the call annually so you can still try again next year.

Here our our round two candidates (in no particular order).

Jessica Sanders

Tracy McLennon

Natalie Hoyt

Sathya Kala

Kasia Frezja

Tanya Batrak

Emma Dickinson

Chitra Nair

Ilina Crouse

Melissa Oeters

Olesya Kharkova

Kassi Hulet

Anna Sigga Eyjolfsdottlr

Sandra Kustic Uzur

Julia Wyatt

Anita Bownds

Angelika Sowul

Sue Walker

Dawn Bennett

Kaja Vezensek

Evelin Tee

Chris Gideon

Natasha Lyne

Isha Gupta

I have to say I am not looking forward to narrowing down the round two candidates…round one was hard enough!  Good luck everyone with the next round, you should have received an email with the instructions required for this round.



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