Facebook Live with Micro Beads

Hi and welcome to anther Facebook live day! Did you manage to watch todays show? If you did we are sorry for the technical issues we had again!  One day we will do a show that will not freeze or go haywire!

If you missed us, don’t worry you can watch it here on the blog or even download the free photo step out instructions below for the main project.

We love how the light glimmers through the micro beads, why don’t you give this project a try? Just follow a long with the instructions here Stained Glass Effect Card.

Now how about having a good old catch up on the missed show, the video is in two parts as we had a technical melt down?

Here is part 1

And here is part 2

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to mark your diary for the end of next month for our next Facebook Live!

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