It’s Friend Friday with CAS-ual Fridays


Hello and welcome to all our CAS-ual Fridays readers, we are so excited to be sharing our Friend Friday’s this month with the wonderful CAS-ual Fridays gang,  CAS-ual Fridays Stamps have been creating clever, stylish and sorta sassy designs in beautiful Colorado since 2012. All their stamp and die sets were personally dreamed up and designed by owner Michele Gross – just a little glimpse of the fun stuff happening in her head and if you knew her you know how much fun she is!  Today Cathy is taking their stamps and dies for a test run with our Chameleon Art Products.

First up is this vibrant design using the Mon Ami stamp and die set, this was coloured with just one Chameleon Pen, One Color Top and one Pencil!


Cathy created this whilst sat in the garden and she tried to video the process but  too many gusts of wind got the better of her, she smudged the card and had to do a quick rescue……there is a video to accompany this but you may want to download the Flower Card instructions for a fuller explanation!


Cathy used the same stamp set with our pencils to create this colourful design.

Cathy said her inspiration on how to color this design came from seeing a rainbow, so she set about using those colors for her petals on her design.

This card was really easy to create, if you would like to recreate this Floral Card you can download the instructions here.


Now it wouldn’t be a Friend Friday without a prize, would it? So we will give away a 5 pen pack of your choice over this month’s hop to one random person, to enter you must do two things….

  1. Sign up to our creative community (the pop up window or on the top right corner of the blog page).
  2. Comment at the end of this post ( to do this click on the title of this post and it will take you to the page and allow you to comment.

The draw will remain open until Midnight GMT on the 31st July and we will announce the winner when we next have a Winner Wednesday post, so keep checking the blog. Please note you must do both things for your entry to be valid.

Thank you for visiting us today, we will be back next week with more inspiration, now why not hop on over to our friends at CAS-ual Fridays to see what they have been creating with our pens, just click their name below!

CAS-ual Friday

54 Comments on “It’s Friend Friday with CAS-ual Fridays”

  1. Julye Bott

    Am already a member of your community as I have the 22 pen set and love the newsletter and all the posts but there is always room for more pens in my craft room and colouring pencils too.

  2. carol

    One pen and one pencil = these astounding results? Oh my…blown away by this! Gorgeous colouring brings these pretty CAS-ual Fridays flowers to vibrant life! So inspired by both versions!

  3. Delphine

    I’ve been using my pens for about two weeks now and I love them so much! They have made me want to draw more for the first time in months 🙂

  4. Jill Waller

    I’ve just found out about your products and can’t wait to get a chance to try them!! These tutorials are pretty amazing. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  5. Jeanine

    I love these CASual Fridays! I use the Chameleon markers to color, and they make the pages I color look awesome!

  6. Kaylynne N.

    Your videos are both fascinating and mesmerizing!! I am not new to stamping however, I’ve been out of touch with it for quite a few years. I had to track down the tool that was used to position the stamps. I’ve learned something new here, beyond finding out about your wonderful markers and pencils. Please consider me for your giveaway. Thanks a bunch!!

  7. Karen Lea

    I love my set of 30 pens and my set of pencils, right now I’m waiting very impatiently for my set of 22 to be delivered today. I would love a set of tops to try and play with

  8. Jana

    I think it’s pretty amazing what can be done with one pen like on the first card, or just a few of them.
    I played around with as little as 5 pens the other day and was able to create a full portrait including skin and full hair gradients and was really amazed about the result. I just love not having to buy multiple pens and keep changing pens to create depth and gradiation, makes it so much easier once you get used to it!

  9. Kathy McConnell

    I have had the 22 deluxe set for a couple week’s, and I have gotten lot’s of compliments on my coloring pages. Still learning though. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  10. Carlene

    Both projects are awesome! I’m glad I found the community and this blog. I have only two sets of pens, but I love playing with them. Can’t wait to get more!

  11. Barbara Ross

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ My chameleon pens! I already have the big set and I am starting on my color top collection. The pens make me feel like a better crafter! Thank you for your innovative products. I haven’t tried your pencils yet. Keep on coloring the world! A big fan @barbaraanncrafts

  12. Patti Gwin

    I have some of these, but haven’t played with them much yet. I do love to color, so I’m looking forward to perfecting the technique.

  13. Teresa Cherka

    I was wondering about these pens. After watching the tutorial, I can see how easy they are to work with and I am going to buy a set and give it a try. Thanks for sharing this creative product.

  14. Denise Bryant

    Gorgeous cards! I am inspired by these these beautiful creations! Awesome color combos! Already a member of the creative community!

  15. Beth Karschnick

    Such lovely cards. I have always wanted to try out your products…thank you for your give away!! Perhaps this will give me a chance!!

  16. Heidi Sagel

    Always live the inspiration i get from your emails. Your stamps are great. I bought these markers when they first came out but have never used them. This is sad now i will take them out and start.

  17. Arianna Barbara

    Wow! Another great collaboration!!! Love you both!!! Stunning cards!!! Colouring is amazing!!!

  18. Becca Yahrling

    Both cards are so gorgeous! Love CAS-ual Friday stamps.
    I really love the first card & only having to use one pen, one pencil
    & one color top. I might even be able to handle that! lol

  19. Ruth Aubertine

    I would be Sooo happy to win one of these sets!!! Would love to play with them!! Thanks for the opportunity! Love your cards.

  20. Barb macaskill

    I am already a newsletter recipient and love seeing your emails show up in my mailbox! I know that it will be fun, inspirational and awesome!
    These are both gorgeous but I especially love the second one! STUNNING! Friend Friday, Chameleon and CAS-ual Friday goodies are a terrific way to end the week! TFS!

  21. Bonnie Thrasher

    What a fun video even if it was a bit windy. Love th e card. I am already signed up and love the monthly newsletter.

  22. Sue LD

    Fabulous coloring of these designs from CASual Fridays. I like the shadowing on the first one and the rainbow of colors on the second. I joined the creative community.

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