Summertime Bookmark

Hi everyone!

What could be more summer like than sitting in the garden or on holiday with a good book?

But what do you do when you want a dip in the pool or to head to the bar to get another cocktail??

Well you need a stylish and summery bookmark don’t you? And of course, we have just the think with Jessica’s project below.

By Jessica Sanders

This is such a cool bookmark just see how easy it was for Jessica to create in this video.

Jessica’s Summer Fun Bookmark from Chameleonpens on Vimeo.

Jessica said “Summer for me is a time for family, fun, and relaxation.  Spending time with my kiddos, going to the beach, and reading a good book are my favorite summer activities.

This adorable little bookmark reminds me to do all three!  You may even want to make it a group project ☺”

We agree family fun and relaxation are the perfect recipe for summer fun! Why not create your own bookmarks?  You can download the Summer Fun bookmark tutorial here.

What Summer plans do you have planned? Any crafty retreats? We would love to hear about them in the comments below, unless they are too fun and nice, then we may get a bit jealous 😉

1 Comment on “Summertime Bookmark”

  1. Janice woodson

    I love these pens I had a chance to use them and love them. I just can’t afford them right now,but they are great!

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