Welcome to National Coloring Book Day

Did you know today is National Coloring Book day…what a perfect excuse to get those pens and pencils out and absorb yourself into a new coloring book project!

We asked Olesya one of our designers to color a project for today and then create a project from the colored page and boy did she wow us with the results! 

By Olesya Kharkova

Olesya opted to color one of the DCWV coloring pads and this is what she said drew her inspiration” I love coloring books as each of the pages gives a myriad of opportunities to create something interesting, unique, only your imagination is the limit. I found very summery pages with dots and pineapples to make my card in Color & Create coloring pad by DCWV.”

If you want to see how Olesya turned her coloring page into the  Sweeter than Pineapple card you can download the instructions here.

Did you know we also love to see your coloring projects, if you create any using your Chameleon Pens, Pencils or Color Tops to celebrate National Coloring Book day why not share them with us on Facebook!

Now once Olesya starts to color we can’t stop her so hop on over to her blog by clicking The image below!



4 Comments on “Welcome to National Coloring Book Day”

  1. Denise Bryant

    Happy National Coloring Book Day! I just happened to spend yesterday on a houseboat, relaxing and coloring! 🙂 And I didn’t even know the occasion! Beautiful card with the pineapples, and I am off to have a closer look at that gorgeous teapot!

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