Chameleon Weddings

Well we hope you have enjoyed this month’s wedding theme on the blog and that it has inspired you to make for your own wedding event or create something special for the bride and groom to remember that special day!

Our Chameleon family have had a lot of weddings over the years and thought it would be a fitting end to share a photo of some of our special days, so get a coffee, sit back and enjoy…please try not to laugh too much and spill your coffee at some of the more light hearted photos, or fashion sense back in the day!

Our design team co-ordinator and artist in residence Cathy with her husband Ren.

One of our beautiful design team ladies Tanya.

The lovely Tracy with her husband Sean, in a lovely romantic setting- can you guess where?

The Beaming couple that is our design team member Sandra with her husband Goran.

The Lovely Jessica from our design team and her husband John.

Sweet Ilina another of our design team with her husband Sean.

Our design team member Olesya was jumping for joy at her wedding to Viktor.

Gordon our Commercial Director with his wife Anna, Gordon has promised to answer  any questions relating to what is worn under the kilt if asked!

Tom our Sales Manager with his lovely new wife Jen.

We do have other Chameleon staff that are married but they are sooooooooo old that cameras and photos weren’t invented then, so you will just have to use your imagination for those!

We will be back soon with more crafty inspiration.

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