Get On Your Teacher’s Right Side!

As daunting as it can be to go to school with a new term and a new teacher what better way to make a good start than by giving them a card, Ilina has created this cool dictionary card which is perfect for the occasion.

By Ilina Crouse

Ilina said “My 3 kids are in preschool over 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, so teachers are essential part of their lives and their development. I can never thank their teachers enough for taking care of them every single day, teaching them and sometimes spoiling them too. I try to make their teachers feel appreciated as much as possible. So, hope you enjoy this teacher’s card and that I’ve inspired you to think how big a role teachers play (or already played) in your children’s (grandchildren’s lives etc). And if you are a teacher, thank you for all you do for the children.”

If you would like to see how to re-create Ilina’s card you can download the Teacher Card instructions here.

You could even get the children to color in the images with the pencils to give it that extra personal touch…why not share your children’s coloring with Chameleon Pencils on our Facebook page!

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