Christmas Card Inspiration

Ho Ho Ho Santa has began to pack his sack full of goodies and will be visiting homes next month.  Olesya has created a traditional Santa Christmas Card design to get us all in the mood for the season.

By Olesya Kharkova

We asked Olesya what inspired her when creating this card, she said ” I always liked Christmas cards in traditional colors and wanted mine to be the same. Simple design made the colored image stand out even more, that was my goal. ”

If you would like to see how Oleysa created this Christmas Wishes card you can download the instructions here.

Thanks for visiting us today we hope we have inspired you to make a start on your Christmas cards.  You may want to mark your calendar for Monday when we will have a play date with a special friend.

7 Comments on “Christmas Card Inspiration”

  1. Elaine Hurtack

    I just purchased my first two sets of Chameleon Pens and can’t wait to get started designing my own Christmas Cards this year. I just know that it will be lots of fun and I will receive many compliments on them.

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Elaine have fun with your new pens, we would love to see your finished Chameleon Christmas cards on our Facebook page, we would love to compliment you too!

    1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

      Check out our courses on it really is a good way to become an expert faster! Lots of great free downloads too to practice with which we creative types love right?

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