Cool Christmas Penguins

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Penguin card and what could be cuter than penguins in fluffy hats?  Yes of course penguins in fluffy hats and jumpers!

By Jessica Sanders

Jessica said “When I saw these adorable Christmas penguins, I knew they would be perfect to color with my Chameleon Pens!  I decided to use traditional Christmas colors, but you can color them to match your favorite colors.  If you are feeling really creative, make them into paper dolls!  You can color the sweaters and hats in all kinds of colors, and dress your penguins in style. ”

If you would like to see how to re-create this Cool Penguin Christmas Card you can download the instructions here.

We love Jessica’s idea of making extra hats and jumpers for the penguins, they would be a hit with all the children!

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