Christmas Thanks

We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and if you were lucky enough to receive any gifts we hope they included some Chameleon goodies!  Now all that remains is to say thank you and what better way than with a card.

By Ilina Crouse

Ilina said “While I was growing up we didn’t exchange presents at Christmas and it’s fairly new tradition for me (since moving to the US, which is 13 years now). Now that I have kids I try to teach them to be thankful for presents they receive especially from people that are not I or my husband. So after Christmas I help my kids make thank you cards to give to the friends (and family) they receive presents from. So today I am sharing a little bit more “grown up” version of a Christmas thank you card, it’s easy to create and make multiples of. ”

If you would like to recreate Ilina’s elegant Thank you for the gifts Card you can download the instructions here.

Or just grab a coffee, put your feet up and watch the video!

Christmas Thank You Card by Ilina from Chameleonpens on Vimeo.

3 Comments on “Christmas Thanks”

  1. DUMONTIER Marjorie

    I’m glad to see your blog is on its feet again ! That’s a pretty card, very classy and efficient.

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