Happy New Year

A Very Happy New Year to all our readers, we hope you had a wonderful festive season and that 2018 will be a creative journey for you.

By Olesya Kharkova

Olesya said “Winter Holidays are my most favorite and I like making lots of card on this theme. This time I decided to make a New Year’s card, very cozy and warm.”

If you would like to recreate Olesya’s Happy New Year card you can download the instructions here.

So all that remains is to decide whether to make a new year’s resolution, have you already made yours or are you struggling to think what to do?  Here are a few ideas…

  • Keep craft table tidy
  • Use existing craft supplies before buying new ones
  • Complete the Chameleon online learning courses levels 1-3
  • Colour something every day

Do you have any new year resolution suggestions, we would love to hear them!

5 Comments on “Happy New Year”

  1. Shari Czerwinski

    My resolution is to learn to draw. I dabble in doodles, but I am far from an artist. Mostly, I need to “just do it” since it seems like the best way to get better, is to spend time drawing. 🙂

    1. LadyD

      Yes, just do it. I’ve been amazed to see how much improvement there is in my drawing. And, even though I do not draw every day, I am still improving a little bit at a time. I’m sure there would be more improvement if I would spend more time drawing. I don’t make resolutions because I never kept them when I did… however I am attempting to spend more time drawing. And that’s as close as I dare come to a resolution.

      1. Cathy Andronicou Post author

        Wow we are loving how many of you want to learn to draw as a new year resolution…I have been pinning drawing tips on Pinterest too with the same aim!

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