International Craft Awards & British Craft Awards Nomination

We have some super exciting news to share with you…
Chameleon have been nominated for not one but two awards this year!

The ‘best art range’ category in the International Craft Awards 2017 & the Papercraft Product of the Year for the Immediate Media British Craft Awards 2018!!

Exciting, right?!

The International Craft Awards received over 18,000 votes and the British Craft Awards had over 21,500 votes last year from readers and online visitors., But this year, w
ith your help from the Chameleon community we’re hoping to help them top it!

So, we’re asking you guys for a small favour, and that is to VOTE FOR CHAMELEON to win! But not only are you giving us a chance to win, but by casting a vote in these awards, you’re also giving yourself a chance to WIN, an incredible three-night mini break with the International Craft awards and a £100 Amazon gift card with the British Craft Awards!

For more information on these competitions and how to vote simply click on the award names below

The British Craft Awards 2017

International Craft Awards 2018

It’s time to get voting! You have until the 17th December for the British Craft Awards and the 4th January 2018 for the International Craft Awards to get your votes in and don’t forget to let us know whether you’ve voted in the comments down below!







Forgive this shameless request for votes but we do want our Marker Man Nick to be able to dust of his tuxedo to go to the awards!


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