Valentines & Glitter

What would make the perfect Valentines day card for a crafter?  Now please don’t all shout at once…was that glitter I heard?

Yes we have the ultimate Valentines day handmade card by Sandra, incorporating every crafter’s favourite material Glitter and of course Chameleon Pens and Color Tops!

By Sandra Kustić Uzur

Sandra said “We know different kinds of love and certainly we love a lot of people so therefore we make a lot of cards with this theme. Valantine’s day is the most magical day of all year. On this day we express our love to your best halves. They deserve a special gift like is this card. It’s colorful and sparkly and who can resist to that. I know for sure that this card represent my view of love, it’s Magical.”

Why not see how to create these cool ombre hearts……

Colorful Valentine’s Day Hearts by Sandra from Chameleonpens on Vimeo.

You too can create a sparkly Colorful Hearts Valentines card, just click the link below to download the instructions.

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