Valentines Rose

Today is considered one of the most romantic days of the year…yes it is Valentines day.  Did you give or receive any cards or is your home now filled with the scent of roses?  If not we have a beautiful vellum rose, to share our love of all our Chameleonites on the blog!

By Leah Cornelius

Leah has worked her magic using vellum to create this beautiful rose card design, she said “Flowers are quite possibly my favorite thing. I love all types and all colors, but I do tend to gravitate to the old classic of roses. I love the translucency of vellum and though it would pair perfectly with a beautiful rose and the gorgeous Chameleon pens bring it to life.”

If you would like to see how to use Chameleon pens with vellum you can download the Vellum Rose Card instructions here.

Sending you all love today from the Chameleon Team!


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